County Council Advances Land Use Approvals

Reposted from Maui News article Nov. 4, 2013 By Robert Carrol Land use approvals advance for new Kihei high school The County Council’s Land Use Committee has recommended passage of bills approving a zoning change and community plan amendment to facilitate development of the long-awaited Kihei high school on 77 acres fronting Piilani Highway. By resolution on April 5, the council referred...

Governor Abercrombie Signs EIS

Reposted from article on Nov. 28, 2012 by Wendy Osher Governor Accepts EIS for Kihei High School Governor Neil Abercrombie has signed off on the Final Environmental Impact Statement for a long-awaited high school in Kihei. In a letter to the Department of Education Superintendent sent earlier this month, the governor stated that he accepts the Final EIS for the Kihei High School...

Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012

Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012 The Final EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for Kihei High School was released on September 2012. The final EIS has taken into account the comments of our group, as well as others who submitted testimony. Relative to the draft EIS, the final contains a lot more information regarding water and pedestrian access. Separate studies of these topics were conducted and the findings are included...

Welcome to Friends of Kihei High School


Kihei High School Timeline Slips Back at Least 36 Months

We have been tracking the progress of Kihei High School since 2009. The timeline is complicated and includes many bureaucratic processes that must occur at the Community, County and State level. In early 2010 we were encouraged by the Board of Education’s approval to move forward with the project.  By late 2010 we became alarmed that the DOE was falling behind on the timeline and none of...

Discussing Kihei High School Milestones with DOE’s Bob Purdy

On November 16, 2010,  KCA Education Committee Chair, Andrew Beerer spoke with Bob Purdy (DOE) and on December 10, Andrew spoke with Leilani from Munikeyo & Hiraga. The following are highlights and notes from those meetings. It was reported in The Maui News October 23, 2010 that the BOE voted unanimously to go forward with design and construction of the Kihei high School. Bob Purdy confirmed...

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