June 27, 2013 Final State LUC Hearing

The third and final Land Use Commission hearing on the Kihei High School was held on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.  Attached are the Stipulated Findings authored by the  Hawai’i Dept. of  Education: 6-25-13 Stipulated Findings Highway and road improvements are the big wild cards now.  New Traffic Impact Analysis Reports (TIAR’s) are forthcoming.  The...

June 13 – 14, 2013 State Land Use Commission Meeting on Maui

Represented by attorneys at the June 13th meeting were:   Petitioner – Department of Education Respondents – Maui County and Hawai’i State Office of Planning   Witnesses called on June 13th included Nick Nichols, DOE Facilities Development Branch;  Mr. Pete Pascua of Wilson Okamoto Corporation, author of the EIS transportation study; and Will Spence, Maui County...

April 25, 2013 Funding Announcement

The KHAT group patiently awaited the outcome of the House and Senate Finance committees’ decision on funding the Kihei High School.  The community received its answer on April 25, 2013, a week earlier than expected: http://bit.ly/15RzTjb     MauiTVnews.com http://bit.ly/Y7oaLd     MauiNews.com Now, @CountyofMaui will have one year to resolve water and zoning issues for the new high school....

February 16, 2013 Kyle Yamashita Meeting

A meeting between KHAT (Kihei High School Action Team) and Rep. Kyle Yamashita took place on Saturday, February 16, 2013.  An overall briefing of the history of Kihei High School and its present state of progress was presented by KHAT.  Materials presented were: *Aerial Map of the Kihei High School (set in between the Eclipse Project and the Maui Research and Technology Park). *A new infographic...

December 11, 2012 Union Officials Meeting

Sen. Roz Baker, JoAnn Inamasu (Governor’s Maui Representative) and the members of KHAT met at the Kihei Youth Center. Union Officials and Representatives in attendance were:  Willy Grieg, Danette “Dee” Nakooka, Leimomi Johnson, Bruce U’u, Bill Kamai, and Perry O. Artates. A timeline and map of the Kihei High School were distributed.  Sen. Baker and KHAT members briefed...

Governor Abercrombie Signs EIS

Reposted from MauiNow.com article on Nov. 28, 2012 by Wendy Osher Governor Accepts EIS for Kihei High School Governor Neil Abercrombie has signed off on the Final Environmental Impact Statement for a long-awaited high school in Kihei. In a letter to the Department of Education Superintendent sent earlier this month, the governor stated that he accepts the Final EIS for the Kihei High School...

October 5, 2012 Friends of Kihei High School / Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT) meeting

In attendance: Maui BOE Representative Wesley Lo; Hawai’i State Senator Roz Baker; Hawai’i State Representative George Fontaine; South Maui Council Member Don Couch represented by Susan Clements; Page Fontaine; Kihei Community Association’s Education Committee Members Andrew Beerer, Yvonne Biegel, Halleh Dunnicliffe, and Laura Marzke. Absent: Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s Maui representative, JoAnn...

Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012

Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012 The Final EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for Kihei High School was released on September 2012. The final EIS has taken into account the comments of our group, as well as others who submitted testimony. Relative to the draft EIS, the final contains a lot more information regarding water and pedestrian access. Separate studies of these topics were conducted and the findings are included...

July 26, 2012 Meeting with Maui BOE Rep., Wesley Lo

http://bit.ly/SWFmfG   The link above to a January, 2012 KITV.com article speaks to Wesley Lo’s and Governor Abercrombie’s support of building a select amount of 21st Century Schools in Hawai’i. Today, the Kihei Community Association learned the awareness of the proposed Kihei High School is elevated among key State House Legislators. There are two important meetings to be...

May 19, 2012 Meeting with Maui BOE Representative, Wesley Lo

Wesley Lo reported he met with Governor Neil Abercrombie and the BOE  in May, 2012 to try and generate ways to build new schools.  The Governor intends to unveil a pilot program to build several 21st century schools.  This is a new way for the Kihei High School to be built and funded. The strategy is still conceptual, but without any forthcoming construction funds from BOE, DOE, or the...

Kihei High School Timeline Slips Back at Least 36 Months

We have been tracking the progress of Kihei High School since 2009. The timeline is complicated and includes many bureaucratic processes that must occur at the Community, County and State level. In early 2010 we were encouraged by the Board of Education’s approval to move forward with the project.  By late 2010 we became alarmed that the DOE was falling behind on the timeline and none of...

Discussing Kihei High School Milestones with DOE’s Bob Purdy

On November 16, 2010,  KCA Education Committee Chair, Andrew Beerer spoke with Bob Purdy (DOE) and on December 10, Andrew spoke with Leilani from Munikeyo & Hiraga. The following are highlights and notes from those meetings. It was reported in The Maui News October 23, 2010 that the BOE voted unanimously to go forward with design and construction of the Kihei high School. Bob Purdy confirmed...

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