December 6th or 20th, 2013: 1st Reading of BLC Unilateral Agreement for Maui Co. Council

The full Maui County Council was UNable to hear the 1st reading of the Kihei High School ordinance / amendments on either December 6 or December 20, 2013.   What’s missing is the signed document from all  parties regarding the Community Plan Amendment (CPA) and Change in Zoning (CIZ) related to Kihei High School.  Councilman Robert Carroll was hopeful in a Dec 3, 2013 email stating,

“Right now we are waiting on the Bureau of Land Conveyances to register the Unilateral Agreement, this document formalizes all the zoning and boundary requirements for this piece of property.   In short it will say the county and state agree to set aside this land for the intended purpose.   We had hoped that the bureau would have registered the agreement in time for our Dec. 6th meeting.”

The Unilateral Agreement wasn’t heard in Dec 20th, 2013 full Council meeting either.

KHAT is pursuing the names and associations the Bureau of Land Conveyances needs to sign the Unilateral Agreement.



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