DOE Position Change on KHS – Was Design Build, Now Traditional Build

This is the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s 9.27.2014 article from their Local Section on “Funding issues delay Kihei high school”.

KHAT Spokesperson Andrew Beerer’s comments on the article:


It is the first public statement I have seen from Kalbert Young, regarding this subject.  His statement is curious, “the funding pieces don’t work well together”.  Which begs the question, why weren’t the funding pieces directed better so they would work together?  He also says that “in order to access the $100 million, the DOE would have to kill off another $100 million in other projects”.  I was disappointed to hear this.  That seems contrary to the notion that the $100 million in SEFI is earmarked specifically for KHS.    State Sen. Roz Baker and State Rep. Kaniela Ing have been helpful and reassuring in explaining to us in detail that it couldn’t be spent on other projects.

Even my conversations with Duane Kashiwai and Ray L’Heureux did not allude to this.   So I’m curious why the misunderstanding?  Is Kalbert implying that the SEFI funds for KHS are going to be used for other projects?  Or are his comments taken out of context?  He seems to be saying more than they just weren’t willing to float more bonds.

It’s taken a couple months to get an official word from B&F and for a layman like me, it raises more questions than it answers.

The lack of communication from DOE leadership re: the $100 million has been more than disappointing.  As a group we’ve tried to be diplomatic about this, but I think the press has astutely picked up on that and is now pushing for some accountability and understanding.

Despite many requests, we still have never heard from Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui on this subject, which has also been disappointing.

Moving forward,  I wonder how he would could avoid this kind of miscommunication and forge a fail-proof plan to fund and build this school.  We thought we had it.

One idea I had – would be a signed memorandum of understanding between all parties.  It would be nice to know that all the branches were sticking to the same plan.  We thought the extensive budget process, the EIS documents and hours of DOE testimony did equate to a memorandum of understanding.  But clearly that was not the case, as the public is still looking for answers and solutions.



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