June 13 – 14, 2013 State Land Use Commission Meeting on Maui

Represented by attorneys at the June 13th meeting were:


Petitioner – Department of Education

Respondents – Maui County and Hawai’i State Office of Planning


Witnesses called on June 13th included Nick Nichols, DOE Facilities Development Branch;  Mr. Pete Pascua of Wilson Okamoto Corporation, author of the EIS transportation study; and Will Spence, Maui County Planning Director.

KHAT members gave public testimonials in support of changing both the boundary and the parcel’s zoning status from agricultural to public/quasi-public.


There was no decision rendered by the LUC on Friday, June 14th.   “From a procedural standpoint the parties have to submit their proposed Decisions and Orders first and then the commission votes on the matter,” according to Daniel E. Orodenker, Executive Officer of the State Land Use Commission.  “We are doing everything we can fast track the matter and have told the parties that if they can submit something to us by next week Tuesday, we will vote at the next meeting on June 27th.  Usually this process takes over a month to complete.  Once the vote is taken, the staff prepares a final Decision and Order and the commission votes to adopt the order at the next meeting after.  This is ministerial and takes very little time.”

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