June 24, 2014 KHAT Mtg with So. Maui Rep. Kaniela Ing

KHAT met yesterday with our South Maui Rep. Kaniela Ing. KHAT is looking carefully at the high school’s financing trend.

We understand to date:

* HD-1 appropriated $65 million this past legislative session;

* The $65 million appropriation was subsequently reduced to a $30 million appropriation;

* A portion of the $130 million needed for KHS comes from the SEFI special projects fund via Ways and Means. The special projects fund currently contains around $100 million. SEFI will be dissolved once the funds are expended.


KHAT’s questions are:

- From which specific State Departments will the total $130 million in funds be appropriated?

- How much from the SEFI fund is appropriated for KHS?

- How does our community confirm a plan for the Kihei High School’s first phase and funding?

- Can our community proceed with the design-build concept? Or are the construction plans taking on a new life as a traditional DOE financing concept?


KHAT will draft letters to State Officials regarding our specific questions above.

Andrew Beerer will place a telephone call to Nick Nichols, Facilities Dept at the DOE and confirm the $30 first-phase appropriation (or is it “authorization”).

KHAT requests a collaborative plan between Mr. Nichols, Lt.. Gov. Shan Tsutsui, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff Blake Oshiro and the Governor’s Maui Representative JoAnn Inamasu by the end of July, 2014.  The KHS topic is tentatively scheduled for the September, 2014 Kihei Community Association’s general membership meeting.

Hawai’i’s Primary election date is August 9, 2014   7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Hawai’i’s General election date is November 4, 2014  7:00 am – 6:00 pm


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