Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012

Kihei High School Final EIS Released September 2012

The Final EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for Kihei High School was released on September 2012. The final EIS has taken into account the comments of our group, as well as others who submitted testimony. Relative to the draft EIS, the final contains a lot more information regarding water and pedestrian access. Separate studies of these topics were conducted and the findings are included within.  Most of the rest of the info is fairly benign and generally what we expected , although the traffic study doesn’t account for all the neighboring developments.

Kihei High School Final EIS

Kihei High School Final EIS. Released September 2012.

Amongst the many  topics contained, the public wants to ultimately know when the school will be built. The final EIS still talks about a 2016 opening… if … funding comes through. Although, the reality is that there is at this point no funding for engineering and constructing the school. Furthermore, there is no agreed upon plan to fund the construction. Absent a plan and any firm financial commitment, the actual build out and timeline remains in question.

Click on the link to view the complete Final EIS for Kihei High School.

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