Kihei High School Timeline Slips Back at Least 36 Months

Kihei High School Timeline 2011

Kihei High School Timeline 2011

We have been tracking the progress of Kihei High School since 2009. The timeline is complicated and includes many bureaucratic processes that must occur at the Community, County and State level. In early 2010 we were encouraged by the Board of Education’s approval to move forward with the project.  By late 2010 we became alarmed that the DOE was falling behind on the timeline and none of our political representatives were actively working on the project. In addition the BOE that had elected to move forward was now displaced by new Governor Abercrombie.

After much prodding, we finally got a new timeline from the DOE in July of 2011. As we expected, the timeline had slipped drastically over the past 16 months. Ultimately the potential opening of Kihei High School has been delayed by at least 36 months.

Click the link to view the 2009-2011 timeline comparison. Kihei High School 2009-2011Timeline Comparison

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