February, 2014 Unilateral Agreement

The Unilateral Agreement (parties thereto not known at this time) has been forwarded from the State of Hawai’i to the County of Maui for first reading before the full Maui County Council. KHAT will work with Councilmember Robert Carroll, Chair of the County’s Land Use Committee, and to secure a date for the full Council’s first reading of the Agreement. Thank you to Sen. Roz Baker and Ray...

December, 2013 – Maui’s New Interim BOE Representative

KHAT wishes to publicly thank Wesley Lo, our former BOE representative to Maui.  Beginning in March 2011, Wesley met monthly with KHAT members to discuss funding possibilities, budgets, and the draft-to-final EIS process.  Wesley facilitated important meetings with ALL Kihei High School stakeholders and raised awareness of the project’s importance in our community.   We also welcome...

December 6th or 20th, 2013: 1st Reading of BLC Unilateral Agreement for Maui Co. Council

The full Maui County Council was UNable to hear the 1st reading of the Kihei High School ordinance / amendments on either December 6 or December 20, 2013.   What’s missing is the signed document from all  parties regarding the Community Plan Amendment (CPA) and Change in Zoning (CIZ) related to Kihei High School.  Councilman Robert Carroll was hopeful in a Dec 3, 2013 email stating,...

County Council Advances Land Use Approvals

Reposted from Maui News article Nov. 4, 2013 By Robert Carrol Land use approvals advance for new Kihei high school The County Council’s Land Use Committee has recommended passage of bills approving a zoning change and community plan amendment to facilitate development of the long-awaited Kihei high school on 77 acres fronting Piilani Highway. By resolution on April 5, the council referred...

October 30, 2013 County LUC Meeting

Two already approved County Planning Committee amendments will be heard by the County LUC on October 30th: 1. Change in Zoning – 77 acres from Ag to Public/Quazi-Public 2. Community Plan Amendment – addition of the KHS to the Maui Community Plan. Both amendments will be *rolled* into an ordinance for the LUC’s consideration. If approved by the County LUC, the ordinance package...

Month of August, 2013 – Corporate Counsel and Amendments

After a check in early September with our South Maui representative, Don Couch, the final revisions for the CIZ and Community Plan amendments have been in Corporate Counsel’s office for over a month.  When asked via email twice for more specific information, Deputy James Giroux responded that the amendments were moving through the process. Subsequently the County LUC meeting for October...

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